Top 3 Reasons Why Travel Is An Art Form

In The Beginning…

Throughout history, there has been many a great nomadic adventure to behold in most well known civilizations we see today. What inspires me the most is knowing that we are in an age where tech, social life, and humanity come together at all the right places to allow for the cracks and otherwise alternative lifestyle choices be the norm of the day.

Having fun in these times when it seems to all gone awry is a fascinating endeavor I wish to talk about a little bit more, with a focus on travel in particular. Here’s 3 reasons why travel as we know it might be an art form:

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Natural Way of Expressing How We Feel

Natural Way of Expressing How We Feel
Thinking of what we normally do travelling, it might actually have its roots in what we believe more than we originally thought.

When we are at peace with our personal thoughts, we tend to express more through doing something than just talking about it.

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A natural way of expressing thanks would be to pursue things we wanted, give back to people we loved and would love unconditionally. Having the time to be someone you always believed in, the natural occurrence of happiness would come like a lullaby.

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By end of day, you would have truly experienced something that is very rare to see, which is the kindness of strangers.

Thinking of Others As Guests In Your Domain

Passion is a race of adrenaline, pacing the fast hearts of our generation into oblivion. If marathons are to be run after a tragedy, then travel would be the destination for most people.

Getting others into your quarters, seeing others every so often, or actually learning the skill of getting lost on purpose, all adds up to being on a journey where the fog gets so thick, you can’t see anything or anyone.

Just like a Jack-O-Lantern, we have been asleep at the wrong times, all blurring out the best moments and times when things were different but sane.

At the same time, we have stepped off the deep end, pouring our blood, sweat, and tears into the insanity that waits that initial rush.

I believe that our resource for working towards that goal of sweeping irrationality is definitely dependent on what we can do to get there first.

We all live in our own universes full of sweet rewards, cool people, and laid back dogs that need that bowl of water.

The guests that accompany us towards that point of no return is pinning their needles in all the right places. We are already on the high and low, no need for reasons here. All that I know is that whatever works, must.


Believing in the inevitable, making a side road for the desert beaten paths, and just being open to the mysteries of life presents a whole wave of emotions that may be unsettling, even for the most restless of souls.

I can think of the weirdest things at times, but I feel that this is no way to greet a man called Life. I feel that Mr. Money Man deserves some love, but I prefer to sleep under the stars, and at times just thinking about my next moves.

It’s all highly addictive, to binge on videos, try to tell a provoking thought, then just flow with it in the end. What I’m saying is, it’s all about observation. Take more time to think about yourself, your situation, and try to incorporate that into everything you do with a passion that truly does not end.

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