The Procrastinator’s Guide To Black Friday Deals, All In One Beautiful Post

Here is some great deals for November 29,2019 , aka Black Friday:

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Hey, how are you doing? Feeling wiped out cause you probably just couldn’t bother going to Walmart again for that special someone? Or is it the way that money just isn’t motivating you like it used to when you were younger? Either way, you got a reason why you’re here, and let’s just say that is enough. How would you feel about looking at your options for Black Friday deals? Side note: if this helps you at all, can you comment down below if this made you feel less likely or more likely to shop this holiday season for the best deals? I would greatly appreciate it if you can tell your friends if you know they need some “help” without actually talking to them about the same old “you’re so lazy!” speech. So much more efficient , am I right?!

Black Friday Deals That Makes You Believe In Your Laziness As A Sign Of Intelligence

Number 1: Buy A VPN for yourself

I have just the thing : a VPN! Surprised? Well, I think it’s not up for debate, considering these times are of the Internet age, where government tracking is real,privacy invasions are more common than you think, and censorship is prevalent on many platforms you might participate on, but ultimately don’t call the shots on whether or not you wanted to. Scary enough for you?

Let me tell you a secret about the freedoms most third parties don’t want you to know exists : a) Your voice is worth more than what you think b) Knowing your rights makes all the difference c) You probably were never formally taught how important it is to have your own business, so you get a full time job, hoping for “change.” Any of this sound familiar? Well, this is the reality facing millions around the world. But, what I’m telling you is, it doesn’t have to be. Being aware there’s flaws in the system is only possible when you take action against it, in this case, buying yourself a VPN. Third parties, governments, or any stalker can target you for malicious actions online, and it’s ultimately up to you to make sure that you are well protected against these guys with awesome features that ultimately benefit you, not to mention your increased intelligence overall. I put a link here :

Get A Vacation!

This may seem counter intuitive to being lazy, but hear me out. Obviously, we all have needs here right? What if I told you that you’re overdue for a vacation? That has to mean something, right? Listen to your gut, are you on track in your life? Do you need to take a much needed break from the everyday routine grinding your gears? Well, you do need a vacation after all then. If this doesn’t work out, then you probably just need to go sightseeing for some more spots, very likely. If you are scared, it’s extremely helpful to get on a social media platform and talk to people who did it before. Everything has it’s learning curve, will this tip be yours? I’ll link it here :


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