The meaning of travel

The Meaning Of Travel And Its Meaning For Our Lives


Developing relationships comes with the territory of trying out new ideas and making something of yourself. Why not invest yourself into something that may or may not happen to be the best thing since sliced bread? You can never really know what awaits you with any risk before its taken on, but what I can tell you is to take it anyway. Travel for the feelings that must be answered with the waves of the ocean, the feel of the salty waters all over your body. Being in tune with that strength of inner power challenges you to be stronger for it, faster and more resilient than ever before. That’s the power of belief you felt all this time. Nothing really changes who you are without your own permission to succeed.

Some Lingering Thoughts

The feeling of going through a struggle may feel like certain death, but honestly, who else among you knows that and lives to tell the tale? It can be dangerous at times, certainly isn’t really, but also discovering what makes you the most comfortable is the real challenge here. Where can you reside and feel safe? Are you ready to not feel fear? Is it an awakening for your mental health? Being that there is so much going in your daily lives, I think it is safe to think of where you are likely being pushed the hardest. No, I am not going inside of your mind, but I am stating from my own point of view some very intuitive questions that may help you process some of the hardest inner battles you may recognize at one point or another in your lives. I am hoping by posting my thoughts, you can relate to them and see some clarity while also doing a little soul searching on hopefully one of your travels.

The Get-Down

We all think we may know that underlying infraction or that err we all have inside of us. We may think about the clothes and the beach weddings of it all. But honestly, can we come to terms with the fact that we may not be ready at all for these changes that life readily brings us? Can we somehow cope with the loss of the external and internally find peace? Is it helpful at all to think we have come so far as to relate to others on a deeper level, and trust that instinct we have at the core of our collective beings? What does that brings us when we can’t get there? How can we manage through the suffering, the pain, the anguish? And most of all, how can we go through it without asking why this is at all? Do you ever think about these things? How do they affect your travels?

On The Road

Having a meaningful travel experience usually results from your work ethic or skills you’ve learned along the way. I believe that in order to find your own path in life, you have to put yourself in a different circumstance than you are in right now. You can never be too humble, just the same as being sane in my opinion. This time around, I have faith that things will work out when I put my head space where it needs to be. I have hope for my own travels that one day it can be amazing, pleasurable even. But the most important aspect of all of this is that I know deep down I won’t be alone when I ask these questions to myself. I prepared enough, given way too much at times for worry, stress, anxiety and depression’s sake.I honestly cannot do everything I put my mind to, even when I tried hard enough to solve my problems, given solutions, and embarked on this journey for any and all reasons put forward by myself throughout this unknown terrain I called my mind. I just got to say, after all this time, I am ready to explore the world, feeling like this may not be the worst of it, but it may also be something more I think. As I develop a relationship with myself that is healthier, better than just pasta and cheese, spicier, I think the worst of it is behind me. I believe in change in all its beneficial ways, and I want this to happen soon. As for our relationship, I hope the best for you, and to see you change as well on this amazing journey called life.

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