Most People Don’t Know What Love Is

You may be one of those people. However, just because it matters, doesn’t mean it matters to you. I am just saying you can go your whole life and not know certain things that make you feel like it’s real for you. But, knowing it can happen is the key here.

What is love, really? Well, it is a lot of things. But mainly, what love is has a lot to do with poetry. In fact, there has been a bunch of poets that wrote specifically about love and when it mattered to them, even when there seemed like an endless abyss of sadness. Why should it matter to you?

Well, there is so much that goes in the way we associate love that it can mean many different things to many different people. Having love can feel like a sore throat, trying to speak when you just cried a river. Love can mean to say you are just not in the right headspace right now, but you feel that if it was any other person, you probably wouldn’t say anything. Love can mean to do something about your marriage that hurts you, but not necessarily the other person.

So, we are back again at square one. What is love? Why does it have so many meanings? Well, it just is that way. But hopefully that provided some insight.

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