How To Think For Yourself

What’s on your mind? Well, you see, there’s a bunch of stuff but let us stick to one specific topic that helps to outline what exactly this is I am trying to say here. This one is about human progression, cause no one is going to tell you otherwise. There’s been an uptrend of information over the course of time that suggests that ever since we the people have rights, we also have the right to free speech. Well in that, of course, we can see exactly how that might play out for most people, boredom.

Okay. Now on to the good stuff! Since we first discovered boredom, we also discover how to ask for things we want and need. We are actively searching for something that helps others, or something that helps ourselves become better people. So, that search in turn is then directed to our brain, in which we have to say Y/N to many processes going on at any one time!

Yes, it is painful to be human, but honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way! Now we are getting into the nitty gritty of it! So, propose for a moment we are only fascinated by the way we understand our right to feel, our right to believe in things, our right to learn new and exciting things all around us. Then decide for yourself what that might mean for you. Then, answer this question : how on earth will you go on in life without deciding further what you want to do with that big idea of yours? Whether or not we like it, we exist for a reason.

For me as an artist, I believe that in order to feel fully aliv, I have to let others see my art, dare to dream of it, and know it, even when they do none of those things regularly. Why do I do that? Well, it’s a highly held principle in that there’s an order to the world that makes it worth living for. Nonetheless, we can see what that actually means through time. We might not even be here for that impact! But, what does matter is that we contribute the best of ourselves, even in the worst conditions, cause that’s what humans need to do, besides what you may feel about the quality. Therein lies the ultimate feast for generations to come, questions!

If you liked this blog post, please feel free to share, or comment below what was the most compromising situation you had to choose between your own feelings and the situation at hand. Thanks so much for being here, until next time.

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